If you’ve been following our blog, you know how we feel about pre-ceremony photography here at Makena Weddings! If you’re new to our blog, you can click here and here to read more on the subject. What we haven’t mentioned is our equal love for pre-ceremony groom photography. Often time the focus is solely on the bride on the day of the wedding but I’m sure you’ll all agree that the groom deserves some special attention as well. This fun group of Aussies took full advantage of the extra photography time scheduled with Naomi Levit Photography to capture the exciting moments spent getting ready before walking down the aisle at Sugar Beach Events Venue. They even included matching wedding party robes, just like our brides often do, which resulted in some hilarious photo opportunities. This handsome groom and his groomsmen were so lighthearted and playful, we had so much fun looking through these images and hope they inspire you to schedule some pre-ceremony photography time in for your groom as well.

Maui Wedding Photographer: Naomi Levit Photography

Maui Wedding Planner: Makena Weddings

Maui Wedding Venue: Sugar Beach Events