Are you thinking about having an elopement on Maui? We absolutely LOVE elopements and are always happy to plan these sweet events that are tremendously meaningful. It’s such an honor to be one of the only guests in attendance and make sure that your special day is absolutely flawless and exactly how you imagined it to be. There are many reasons that couples decide to elope on Maui as opposed to having a big wedding at home, but one of the reasons that we hear the most is that the big planning back home was becoming too stressful, after all, there are so many more opinions you have to think about: parents, future in-laws, who to invite, where to have it, who will pay, and the list goes on and on. Our Beach Wedding Packages are very reasonably priced and allow you to be completely stress free on your wedding day, while we take care of all of the details. You will be able to savor the moment with the love of your life and truly be present with each other. On top of that, you can combine your wedding and honeymoon into one trip on the gorgeous and romantic island of Maui!

Jo Ann and Mark met each other on almost 12-years ago, when we asked what drew them to the island of Maui for their elopement, the bride answered:

Maui is paradise, the most peaceful place I’ve ever been to. Choosing to have our elopement on Maui allowed us to experience our special day in a loving, fun, lighthearted way with our toes in the sand and without all the distractions of a huge wedding back home.

And what could be better than that!?

Maui Beach Wedding Planner: Makena Weddings

Maui Beach Wedding Photographer: Marbelle Photography

Minister: Reverend Al Terry

Beach Location: Makena Cove

Bouquet: Floral Designs Maui

Lei: Kihei Wailea Flowers by Cora