There is something so romantic about an intimate Maui beach wedding, don’t you agree? Two people completely in love jetting off to Maui to profess their love for each other on a secluded beach in Hawaii. Add in the turquoise waves crashing in the background and palm trees swaying in the warm Hawaiian breeze and it really doesn’t get any more romantic than that! ┬áThis is exactly what Destinee and Wesley decided to do and the images of their romantic Maui beach wedding, as you’ll see below, are absolutely breathtaking! The bride wore a gorgeous silver wedding gown that made her look like a goddess and Wesley wore a dashing blue suit that complimented her dress perfectly. After their heartfelt ceremony officiated by Rev. Al Terry the couple enjoyed an amazing photo session with MeewMeew studios on a beach that they had all to themselves. We know you’re going to love their stunning images as much as we do so please take your time scrolling through them and then contact Makena Weddings to start planning your own Maui beach wedding, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Maui Beach Wedding Planner: Makena Weddings

Maui Wedding Photography: MeewMeew Studios

Minister: Rev. Al Terry

Florist: Dellables Floral Design

Videography: Stephan Boeker Films

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